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Autorský podzim 2019 Praha 10, MANA Theatre Vršovice Autorský podzim 2019
Autorský podzim II Praha 10, MANA Theatre Vršovice Autorský podzim II
Praha 10 – Vršovice, Vzlet Já
Plný zuby Praha 10 – Vršovice, Vzlet Plný zuby
Kočky v plastu Praha 10 – Vršovice, Vzlet Kočky v plastu
Střepiny Vosího hnízda Praha 10 – Vršovice, Vzlet Střepiny Vosího hnízda

Über Talent drama studio

Children's talent is a theatrical studio for children and adolescents working in the newly renovated theatre of the Vršovickém Mana in Prague, which was founded in 2009 at the initiative of the actress and chanteuse Eriky Deutsch.

In the context of children's talent is the dramatic rings, theatrical Spectacle of the young talents, we organise theatre workshops for children and adults. We focus mainly on authorial theatre.

In the author's Theatre, the children become the direct creators of the show, where the natural form of the process is the final presentation and each child has your author's share. We use the elements of the physical, speech and voice improvisation. – Translated by Automatic service

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