Amelia's Childrean

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Origin Portugal
Original name A Semente do Mal
Movie genre Horror, Thriller
Length 91 min
Director Gabriel Abrantes
Links IMDB
Release 2023
Ranking 53 %

Performing: Brigette Lundy-Paine, Carloto Cotta, Anabela Moreira Anabela Moreira, Alba Baptista, Rita Blanco, Beatriz Maia, Nuno Nolasco, Sónia Balacó, Ana Tang, Valdemar Santos, Linda Ferreira, J. Dixon Byrne

Edward, who lives in New York, has never met his biological parents. In search of his family roots, he agrees to a DNA test. The results of the test lead him to a mysterious villa in Portugal, where the man's mother and his missing twin brother live. However, the family idyll turns into a nightmare as Edward slowly begins to uncover the secrets of his family.

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