ATG live: Cumbia Cooperativa + Roksan Mandel + more

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Address Partyzánská 18/23, Praha 7 – Holešovice
Entry CZK 281–337
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An evening of live music by Cumbia Cooperativa, Turkish pianist, composer and improviser Roksana Mandel and Prague DJ and music producer Sasha Nevolin will take place on 18 May on the Altenburg 1964.

Cumbia Cooperativa|: The group was born in Prague at the end of 2016 and consists of American, Spanish and Czech artists. They are friends and colleagues who compose music together. Their favorite genres include La Cumbia, a mix of Afro-Caribbean percussion and indigenous melodies that makes you want to dance, characterized by the galloping sound of the guiro and the velvety beats of the conga and tumbadera. The strains of other Caribbean rhythms, such as salsa and merengue, are also featured throughout the production, blending with the mountain scents of tropical Andean rhythms such as chicha and huayno. They have three studio albums to their credit La Nueva Era (2019), Wena Washo (2020) and Yawar Fiesta (2021). La Cumbia Cooperativa has performed with other bands of its genre such as Chico Trujillo (CHI), Las manos de Fillippi (ARG), Anarkia Tropical (CHI) and in many concerts on the national and international scene such as Beautiful Losses Live (2019), Futurum Music Bar, Grill music fest El Arriero, Fania Live Vienna, Yellow Caravan and others.

Roksan Mandel: Turkish pianist, composer and improviser. She has been living in Prague for two years, where she plays piano for various bands and poetry events. After completing a four-year stint with the Improv Collective in Boston, she found musical improvisation to be her favorite way to communicate and connect with people. In addition to improvisation, Roksan composes original songs in both Turkish and English.

Sasha Nevolin: Prague-based DJ and music producer Sasha Nevolin was born in Minsk, Belarus. He releases on labels such as Physical Education, Opia, ClubVision and others. His tracks are played by renowned DJs like Vera, Jane Fitz and DJ Koolt. As a Wildt and Luft resident, he explores raw, melodic, breakbeat sounds that evolved from his earlier warm, deep production influenced by Jan Jelinek. Sasha has been hosting events since 2008, co-founded Drag and Drop and has hosted artists such as Detroit in Effect and Akiko Kiyama. Since 2010, he has been a regular DJ, performing his diverse style of ambient, breakbeat, house and techno at top venues in Prague.

Performing artists

USA, Turkey, Czechia


Cumbia Cooperativa  Cocovi  0 5 5:49 0 ×
Cumbia Cooperativa  Jogo Bonito  0 5 3:08 0 ×
Roksan Mandel  Lights Of The City  0 5 3:11 0 ×
Sasha Nevolin  Form At C  0 5 2:00 108 ×
Sasha Nevolin  Oh, This Weird Figure  0 5 9:12 62 ×

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