Chainsword + Rites of Fall + more

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Address ul. 11 listopada 22, Warszawa
Tags Metal, Ambient, Dark ambient, Progressive electronic, Death doom, Death metal
Entry 50–70 PLN
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Chainsword's old-school death metal and Rites of Fall's abyssal ambient in one evening; in addition, Larmo and Species.

Chainsword is a death metal band from Warsaw, inspired by doom metal genre classics such as Bolt Thrower. Chainsword's lyrics focus on war and frequently reference Warhammer 40,000. Formed in 2016 by Herr Feldgrau and The Defector, they released their first LP, Blightmarch, in 2021; the follow-up record, Born Triumphant, is due out in 2024.

Existing since 2017 is the electronic project of Warsaw-based musician Bartek Kuszewski, formerly known as a member of metal bands So I Scream and Fiasco. As Rites of Fall, he plays atmospheric music rooted in ambient, dub and industrial, with a heavy debt to film music and his metal pedigree. In 2017, he made his debut with the EP Truthsayer; since then he has released three albums, including the latest Venoms (2023) , a ritual, hypnotic affair full of cavernous drones and ominous percussion.

Larmo means harmider, chaos in Silesian - but this word does not fully reflect the sound of the Katowice-based noise project that operates under such a banner. There is too much deliberateness here - Larmo's music can be extremely intense, but at the same time it consciously plays with this intensity; the tracks begin with powerful, industrial pulses, which only after some time devolve into grindecore cacophony, the successive layers of noise seem to be the work of a cruel demiurge, who strikes the listener down with a button on the controller. This demiurge is Mirosław Matyasik, a musician active in the Silesian industrial scene since 1996, previously working under the name C.H. District and associated with Requiem Records.

Spiecies is a trio from Warsaw, formed in 2018, playing technical thrash metal. They are inspired by thrash from the likes of Coroner, Toxik or Xentrix and prog rock classics such as King Crimson or Yes. In 2019 they debuted with the EP The Monument of Envy; in 2022 their full-length debut, To Find Deliverance, was released on Awakening Records.

Performing artists

Metal, Death doom, Death metal
Ambient, Dark ambient, Progressive electronic
Industrial, Noise, Grindcore
Metal, Technical thrash metal, Death metal


Chainsword  Daemonculaba  0 5 4:32 9 ×
Rites of Fall  Head of the Snake  0 5 5:26 3 ×
Larmo & Pachu  Flat Breath  0 5 4:05 7 ×
Species  The Monument of Envy  0 5 18:37 1 ×

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