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These artists have already had the opportunity to share one stage during Męskie Granie concerts, where they jointly performed the iconic song Butelki z benzyną i kamienie. Now the two generations of post-punk rebellion, namely Cool Kids of Death and WalusKraksaKrzyzys, are embarking on a joint tour.

WaluśKraksaKryzys is the loudest debut of guitar music in recent years. In his lyrics, he uncompromisingly touches on mental health and the general condition of society under the sign of millennials and Generation Z, which, combined with his musical post-punk DNA, results in intense ritual and concert experiences, as the audience of such festivals as OFF Festival, Pol'and'Rock Festival, Męskie Granie (where he was a member of the Męskie Granie Orkiestra band in 2022), and Jarocin Festival (of which he is a 2020 winner) could see. His latest album + hell + heaven + was awarded the Fryderyk in the Album of the Year Rock category and was included in summaries of albums of the year on Onet (2nd) or Polityka weekly (4th), among others, where albums by Zdechły Osa, Kasia Lins, or the Kacperczyk brothers, on which Walus left his mark, in the form of features, were also included.

Cool Kids of Death cut unconventional paths. Coming from a dilapidated industrial centre in the heart of Poland, famous for its film school and once thriving film industry, where graffiti oozes from the walls and David Lynch feels at home, they simply had to boldly go where no one had gone before… and they did so with a vengeance and a determination to set trends. Always ahead of other bands in their native Poland, they instantly became the rebellious voice of Polish twenty-somethings. In a world of over-stylized, overproduced and exaggerated music products, they are a bit of a rarity. Their style is quite distinctive, but if comparisons are needed, the likes of The Strokes, Magazine, Joy Division and Bloc Party would be a good indication. CKOD are making a strong comeback after many years of hiatus and have announced a new album for the fall, teased with the singles Joke and Still. The documentary film Twenty Years Later will also premiere in May as part of the Millennium Docs Against Gravity festival: C.K.O.D.3*, directed by Piotr Szczepanski.

The exact schedule of the concert will be published here and on the organizer's website during the week of the event.

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Cool Kids of Death  Plan ewakuacji  0 5 3:50 4 ×
Cool Kids of Death  Hardcor  0 5 3:00 3 ×
WaluśKraksaKryzys  Uśmiech Chelsea  0 5 2:32 89 ×
Waluśkraksakryzys  To, co między nami  0 5 3:39 37 ×

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