Dancetopia Symposium

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Venue Prague – various venues
Address Praha, Praha
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Symposium Dancetopia will take place in Prague between the 24 and 26 May.

Contained in the poetic frames of the theater, the city wilderness, and the club, the symposium will inhabit Palác Akropolis, Přístav 18600 and Fuchs2. The topics of study at play in the symposium are Trust & Togetherness and Fantasy & Reality. In the morning formats, international experts Anne Juren and Maria F. Scaroni will share their own practices. In the afternoon, open format panel discussions will occur between the expert who shared that day, Art Scientists Hana Polanská and Barbora Etlíková, and the Symposium Curators: Katarína Bakošová, Neva Guido, Alica Minar, Eduard Adam Orszulik and Breeanne Saxton. Each evening there will be performance interventions by artists invited through an open call.

The „Topia“ present in the title denotes that this symposium is aiming to create a „place“ to gather experts, art professionals, dancers, and the public into a field to connect, exchange, and study together. Beyond utopia or dystopia, it is a place for dance imagining, envisioning, dreaming and questioning.

Topics of the symposium: The symposium is gathered under two topics of study: Fantasy & Reality and Trust & Togetherness.

Fantasy & Reality questions the relationship between the fantastical and the real in the field of contemporary dance both in terms of the practical needs and the imperative imagination required to generate performance work.

Trust & Togetherness asks about the way that dance as a social practice holds a potential for alternate ways of relating, or an entrypoint for the emergence of trust & togetherness through the collective risk and attention latent in performance practice.

Format descriptions: The Symposium has been gathered into three formats: Sharing, Exchange, and Intervention

Sharing will take place Saturday and Sunday mornings, and will be led by Anne Juren and Maria F. Scaroni respectively. This format invites these artists to share practices that feel alive for them right now.

Exchange will take place with Anne Juren and Maria F. Scaroni, Art Scientists and Symposium Curators in the afternoons and will be in response to the morning SHARING and opened into a form akin to a panel discussion, collective reading, or study hall.

Intervention will take place each evening with performance interventions from artists selected through an open call. This performance format hopes to open a space for occurrences which interrupt or build upon the study topic of the day.

In addition to these formats, the symposium will begin with a performance intervention involving food by Tina Hrevušová which will take place at the common dining on Friday night, and close on Sunday night with dancefloor sharing with resident DJ's of Fuchs2.


  • Friday, 24 May, Přístav 18600
    • Registration is open 16:00–18:00
    • Introduction session, common dining and INTERVENTION performance by Tina Hrevušová 18:00–21:00
  • Saturday 25 May, Palác Akropolis – Fantasy & Reality
    • Sharing with Anne Juren 11:00–14:00
    • Exchange with Anne Juren, art scientists and symposium curators 16:00–18:00
    • Intervention by Derin Cankaya & Dasha Belous, T.I.T.S. Performance Group, and Helén Tamaskó 19:30–22:00
  • Sunday 26 May, Fuchs2 – Trust & Togetherness
    • Sharing with Maria F. Scaroni 11:00–14:00
    • Exchange with Maria F. Scaroni, art Ssientists and symposium curators 16:00–18:00
    • Intervention by Guilherme Morais, ME-SA / Martina Hajdyla Lacová, blitzbereit collective, MIND MOVE / Veronika Knytlová, and Andrea Tušimová 18:00–22:00
    • Dancefloor open from 22:00–late.

Complete programme is also here

Past events

Praha 7 – Holešovice, Fuchs2 Dancetopia Interventions: Trust & Togetherness
Praha 3 – Žižkov, Palac Akropolis Dancetopia Interventions: Fantasy & Reality


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