Dejvické divadlo

Dejvické divadlo

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Postponed: Brian

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The first performance of the Dejvické divadlo took place on 14 October 1992. Matěj Kopecký’s play Johannes Doctor Faust was performed by a new ensemble, members of which came to the Dejvické divadlo during their studies of alternative and puppet theatre at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts. This ensemble was led by teacher and director Jan Borna who became an artistic director in 1993. In the same year the Dejvické divadlo was granted professional status by the Ministry of Culture.

Contemporary drama plays an important part in the Dejvické divadlo’s dramaturgy, both foreign (Joe Penhall: Landscape With Weapon, Dennis Kelly: Debris, Patrick Marber: Dealer’s Choice and others) and domestic. The theatre initiates the production of original Czech and Slovak texts (Petr Zelenka: Tales of Common Insanity, Teremin, Dubbing Street, The Elegance of the Molecule; Miroslav Krobot: The Syrup, Brian; Karel František Tománek: KFT/Reality Sandwiches®, Wanted Welzl, Kafka ’24; Viliam Klimáček: Dungeons & Dragons; Daniel Majling: Resurrection, Guilt? and others) and puts emphasis on cooperation with artists of the same generation and with similar opinions as well (Jiří Havelka: Black Hole, Petra Tejnorová: Bluebeard/draebeulB and others). But at the same time, adaptations of world literature works (Oblomov by I. A. Goncharov, Elective Affinities by J. W. Goethe and others) and classic plays (Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Twelfth Night, The Winter’s Tale, Richard III, Gogol’s The Government Inspector, Checkov’s Three Sisters and The Seagull and others) are an integral part of the Dejvické divadlo’s repertory.

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Anti.kvariát Dejvického divadla


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