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Chotěvice, RS Svatá Kateřina Darkshire Festival in the Woods 2024

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Barrák music hrad: The Exploited + GBH + more Slezská Ostrava, Slezskoostravský hrad Barrák music hrad: The Exploited + GBH + more
Punk!!! Slezská Ostrava, Slezskoostravský hrad Punk!!!
Punk & Disorderly Festival 2019 Berlin, Astra Kulturhaus Punk & Disorderly Festival 2019
Wunder Wave 89: Discharge + Doom + Bad Breeding Łódź, Magnetofon Wunder Wave 89: Discharge + Doom + Bad Breeding
Discharge + Morkhimel + more Praha 9 – Vysočany, Modrá vopice Discharge + Morkhimel + more
Obscene Extreme 2017 Trutnov, Na Bojišti Trutnov Obscene Extreme 2017


Discharge  New World Order  0 5 3:26 101 ×
Discharge  Hatebomb  0 5 2:14 15 ×
Discharge  Protest And Survive  0 5 2:14 24 ×
Discharge  Meanwhile  0 5 1:28 5 ×
Discharge  Cries Of Help  0 5 3:07 4 ×

About Discharge

Discharge are a British musical group formed in 1977 by Terence "Tezz" Roberts and Royston "Rainy" Wainwright. While the band has had substantial line-up changes over its history, the classic line-up from the early 1980s featured bassist Wainwright, drummer Gary Maloney, Anthony "Bones" Roberts playing guitar, and vocalist Kelvin "Cal" Morris. The band is characterized by a minimalistic approach to music and lyrics, using a heavy, distorted, and grinding guitar-driven sound and raw, shouted vocals similar to a political speech, with lyrics on anarchist and pacifist themes, over intense drone-like rhythms. The band's sound has been called a "grave-black aural acid assault." Discharge "paved the way for an astounding array of politically motivated, musically intense and deeply confrontational bands". Discharge was "explicitly political" and used a "revolutionary/activist" attitude that moved hardcore away from its pub rock origins and towards a "dangerous and provocative" territory.


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