Divadlo Stoka

Divadlo Stoka

Address Karpatská 2, Bratislava
Website www.stoka.sk

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Stoka is the first non-state theatre that was established after the political changes in Slovakia in 1991. Blaho Uhlár is the founder, artistic leader, and director of the Stoka Theatre. The theatre’s repertory is made up of productions created using the method of devised collective creation. After Stoka’s building was demolished, its various activities were narrowed down to making theatre and organizing its own theatre productions. In 2013, Stoka premiered the English version of its production Uncertain Ground. In the same year, the theatre put together a new ensemble of actors, mostly graduates of the Department of Acting and Department of Puppeteering at the Academy of Performing Arts. At present, the theatre resides in the YMCA building. Its productions are regularly presented at festivals in Slovakia.


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