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S Dorian

Upcoming concerts

Třebíč, Podzámecká niva Polanka Summer Fest 2024
Chomutov, Bývalý fotbalový stadion Rapmeister 2024

Past concerts

Brněnský Majáles 2024 Brno, BVV Brno Brněnský Majáles 2024
Ostravský Majáles 2024 Ostrava, Dolní Vítkovice Ostravský Majáles 2024
Pražský Majáles 2024 Praha 9, Letiště Letňany Pražský Majáles 2024
Hradecký Majáles 2024 Hradec Králové, U Pileťáku Hradecký Majáles 2024
Postponed: Dorian Karlovy Vary, Brooklyn Music Club Dorian
Postponed: Dorian Pardubice II – Cihelna, Žlutý pes Dorian


Dorian  Žijeme umíráme  0 5 3:27 287 ×
Dorian  Sladká  0 5 2:59 227 ×
Koukr & Dorian  Nechám mluvit flow  0 5 3:13 691 ×
Koukr & Dorian  Redlips  0 5 3:25 325 ×
Dorian  Se zeptej  0 5 2:56 448 ×

About Dorian

Dorian started off as a drummer in his music career. At the beginning of 2017 he left the rock band and started to do rap. At first only as a producer, especially for Yg Moris. He began to produce his own voice and his own lyrics and his first track was released on March 1, 2018. Then he began to focus on his voice. In July 2018, he met a Brno-based Kouker at a futures studio session, who booked a recording session with him. After they found out that they were a good pick to form an interesting combination, they recorded a No Mercy EP together in two weeks.

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