Festival Obnaženi 2024

The 20th edition of festival Obnaženi in Chomutov presents contemporary art and brings its audience diverse experiences of alternative, experimental and interdisciplinary character.

The artistic fields represented at the festival are dance and physical theatre, dance for camera, visual arts, music and literature. The theme of the jubilee edition is Celebration.


Chomutov, Městské divadlo Chomutov Dance and Physics
Chomutov, Městské divadlo Chomutov Baletky
Chomutov, Kulisárna WWW Neurobeat
Chomutov 1, Letní kino Večer tanečních filmů
Chomutov, Městské divadlo Chomutov Sádlo

More events in venue

Moody Moon Noize vol. 5 Chomutov, Chomutov –⁠ různá místa Moody Moon Noize vol. 5

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