František Palacký and František Ladislav Rieger Memorial

František Palacký and František Ladislav Rieger Memorial

Address Palackého 7, Praha 1
Parent venue National Museum

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Venue description

MacNeven's palace or Palacky House is located in Palacký 7 in Nové Město in Prague 1. On the first floor, there is a five-generation household from five generations, from nobility to rich brothers.

The preserved original equipment includes the social and musical salon, dining room, bedroom and work history of František Palacký and his son-in-law, lawyer, politician, and encyclopaedist František Ladislav Rieg. Remarkable collections of artistic, historical and gender portraits of the 19th century include, among others, paintings by Josef Mánes, Julie Mařáka or the statue of J. V. Myslbek. In a separate room are a collection of furniture, sculptures, ceramics, and glass from the ethnographic collection of Riegrovy daughter Libuše Bráfová.

In this apartment, however, other members of the family lived and worked before. The interior has gradually expanded and enriched new objects, as well as changes, brought about by the inhabitants' living needs. The Palacky workplace, Riegro's office, salon, hall and a smaller room with ethnographic collections of Libuše Bráfová, Palackého's granddaughter, are now available.

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