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Hard Rico Česká Lípa, Luxor FTC Hard Rico


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About Hard Rico

Hard Rico is a Czech rapper from Ostrava. He is characterized by lyrics with criminal themes. For his authenticity and directness, he has become one of the most prominent representatives of contemporary rap in Ostrava.

Rico became more known after the release of his EP Kriminal Mood in October 2020. This was mainly due to the tracks Kriminal Mood and Furt and the support of the Ostrava rapper Sergei Barracuda, who appeared on the EP himself , specifically on the song Mladej zmrd bohalej. However, Rico started rapping long before the release of the Kriminal Mood EP. In an interview with The Mag, he stated that he started rapping when he was only thirteen years old. After the previous great success, Rico ended 2020 with a joint song with Sergei Barracuda Karanténa. ​ Rico kicked off 2021 by continuing his collaboration with Sergei Barracuda. In January, Sergei released the album Produkt, where Rico appeared on three tracks. In November 2021, a joint mixtape with Sergei Barracuda Kila Zdarma was released, followed a month later by Rico's first studio album Devil’s Son and a joint single with Smíchov rapper Dollar Prynce Vareso.

The album Devil’s Son was released in December and was Rico’s first more comprehensive project. The feats featured Luca Brassi10x on the track Jinej život and Off Culture on the track Delivery. The album was generally well received, but did not become as popular as the previous EP Kriminal Mood.

The dramatic development of the situation between Sergei and Rico took place sometime in August 2021. During this period, videos of Sergei and Rico arguing on the street began to circulate on the Internet. However, the video is of very low quality, so some fans did not believe that the actors were really Rico and Sergei. The reason for the quarrel is still unknown. Rico addressed the situation in an interview with The Mag, saying that he and Sergei had a falling out and the Kila zdarma mixtape should never have been released because it wasn't what Rico wanted. However, Sergei still released the mixtape in November 2021, much to Rico's displeasure, and it was likely their last collaboration.

In 2022, Rico released only two singles Amnezia and Mám co jsem chtěl and generally focused more on the feats and the creation of his next album. During this period, Rico appeared on feats by Koky, Robin Zoot, Momo, Loka Loka, Koukra, to name a few, gradually expanding his scope.

In April 2023, Rico releases his second studio album Secret Eyes, where three members of the Milion Plus label appeared on the feats. Yzomandias and Nik Tendo on Nezhasnu and Robin Zoot on Vitamin L. The album also featured Calin on the track Secret Eyes and Dollar Prync on the track Nonstop biznis.


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