Irie Révoltés

Punk, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, Ska Germany
S Irie Révoltés

Past concerts

Mighty Sounds 2016 Tábor, Čápův dvůr Mighty Sounds 2016
Irie Révoltés Praha 1, Great Hall Lucerna Irie Révoltés
Rock for Churchill 2017 Vroutek, Areál Myslivna Rock for Churchill 2017
Uprising Festival 2017 Bratislava – Ružinov, Zlaté piesky Uprising Festival 2017
Irie Révoltés + support Praha 1 – Nové Město, Roxy Irie Révoltés + support
Irie Révoltés Brno, Sono Music Club Irie Révoltés


Irie Révoltés  Rebelles  0 5 3:17 481 ×
Irie Révoltés  Merci  0 5 4:37 398 ×
Irie Révoltés  Voyage  0 5 3:07 302 ×
Irie Révoltés  Ma Voix  0 5 4:29 153 ×
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About Irie Révoltés

Irie Révoltés is a band from Heidelberg, Germany. Among its nine members, the brothers "Mal Élevé" and "Carlito" have French origins. For this reason many song lyrics are in French. The word “Irie” derives from the Jamaican creole language Patois and can be loosely translated with “positive” or “happy”, whereas “Révoltés” means "rebels" in French. Their songs have both French and German lyrics, which deal with controversial social issues. Their music is mainly influenced by genres like reggae, dancehall, ska, punk electro and hip-hop.


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