Ivana Bajec: Forget Forgot Forgotten

Address Rybná 22, Praha 1
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Venue's website www.karpuchina.gallery
Curator Eneja Urnaut

The exhibition Forget Forgot Forgotten by Ivana Bajec at the Karpuchina Gallery in Prague will run from 13 April to 26 May 2024.

Central to the works of the artist, is a celebration of the digital zeitgeist, where internet and social media phenomena become the building blocks of artistic expression. Yet, amidst the expressive juxtaposition of symbols, abstract and figurative elements, a deeper narrative unfolds – one that speaks to the complexities of mental well-being in the digital age. Through a delicate balance of humor and introspection, Bajec tackles the anxieties and pressures deeply rooted in our hyper-connected society, offering a moving reflection on the human condition.

Ivana Bajec: Engages in drawing, graphic art, and painting. She completed her undergraduate and postgraduate studies in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. She has participated in many group and independent shows in Slovenia, Croatia, Rumania, and Germany. Special mention ought to be made of her presentation at Ravnikar Gallery Space (2021) and SWAB Barcelona Art Fair. In her artistic creativity, she prioritizes improvisation, experimentation, and exploration, with her canvases often acting as painted diaries combining abstractions and elusive humorous depictions, sequencing daily impressions, feelings, and fragments. This renders her artistic expression a rather spontaneous and playful one, permeated with witty and sometimes also provocative confessional style.

Past events

Praha 1, Karpuchina Gallery Exhibition Opening: Forget Forgot Forgotten

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