Jan Możdżyński: Miłosny rewolwer

Address Dzielna 5 lok.5B, Warszawa
Tags Paintings
Entry Free
Event website www.hosgallery.pl…
Venue's website www.hosgallery.pl
Curator Katarzyna Piskorz

An eclectic-camp combination of spaghetti western and queerstorical Wild West fantasy. The action takes place on virgin prairies and in the backrooms of saloons. The protagonists are a group of outcasts, freaks craving a life away from the repressive chains of routine and imposed order. On the dancefloors swirl figures in disguises bordering on drag and burlesque. Jewellery, cowboy boots and harnesses glitter. The flirtatious twinkle of cabaret eyes and the beady eyelids half-closed under the weight of lashes.

The saloon appears as a subversive paradise, where we reject existing roles, challenge and transform gender norms. The arena becomes a place of fierce vogue battles and, at the same time, a place for the creation of community. The Wild West, or rather an alternative version of it, becomes a place to dive into unfettered layers of imagination and challenge the status quo.

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