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Josef Sudek Gallery

Address Úvoz 24, Praha 1

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The Josef Sudek Gallery is located in the house near Hradčany in Prague where Sudek lived from 1959 until his death in 1976. Part of his photographic output was transferred to the Museum of Decorative Arts between 1978 and 1988, and since 1989 the Museum has also managed the photographer’s apartment, opening the gallery here in 1995. Sudek also had a studio at Na Újezdu 28 in Prague, which he continued to use even after moving to Hradčany, and his sister and assistant Božena Sudková lived there.

Sudek's apartment was a popular meeting place for artists such as the painter Jan Zrzavý, the poet Jaroslav Seifert, the architect Otto Rothmayer and many others. Sudek gradually filled his apartment with pictures, frames, wineglasses, boxes and photographic equipment, and it was here that he produced his series Aerial Reminiscences, Easter Reminiscences, Labyrinths and Glass Labyrinths. From this apartment Sudek used to set off on walks through Prague’s parks and gardens and the suburbs he loved so much.


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