La chimera

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Address Podolská 158/33, Praha 4 – Podolí
Origin Italy, France, Switzerland
Entry CZK 150
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Length 130 min
Director Alice Rohrwacher
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Release 2023
Ranking 73 %

Performing: Josh O'Connor, Carol Duarte, Vincenzo Nemolato, Isabella Rossellini, Alba Rohrwacher, Lou Roy-Lecollinet

Everyone supposedly has their Chimera. Something they dream of but can't get. For a group of petty thieves robbing local graves and trading archaeological finds, it's a desire to get rich quick. It would mean liberation from further work. Arthur (Josh O'Connor), on the other hand, is reminded of Benjamina. The woman he loved and lost. However, the man does not give up easily and decides to challenge the impossible. Even if it meant wandering through the mythical hereafter. In search of the legendary buried door that allows him to cross the threshold of another reality, Arthur joins forces with the graverobbers. He offers them his talent for pinpointing the locations of ancient treasures in exchange for them digging up the area for him. Thus begins an extraordinary, magical journey into the unknown.

Alice Rohrwacher's new film is a romantic tale of the search for fulfillment, where past and present complement each other. Another in the oeuvre of the Italian director full of original characters, local folklore and unusual landscapes a beautiful cinematic fairy tale.

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