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Avant Art Festival Warsaw 2023 Warszawa, Warsaw – various venues Avant Art Festival Warsaw 2023
Liturgy Praha 5, Underdogs’ Ballroom Liturgy


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About Liturgy

New York band Liturgy has, since its formation in 2005, carved out a reputation for itself as a project that ventures into the genre boundaries of black metal more boldly than any other. Behind its total, meticulously constructed vision is frontwoman Hunter Hunt-Hendrix, who has described the band's proprietary methodology of transcendental black metal in a myriad of musical and philosophical manifestos, drawing on Kabbalah, scholasticism and continental philosophy. In Liturgy's songs, blastbeats turn into glitches, riffs into chamber music canons, full-bodied noise into silence and vice versa; these sometimes audacious treatments, combined with the philosophical detachment of Hunt-Hendrix, have earned them an equal number of diehard fans and critics. Liturgy have six studio albums to their credit, including one opera; their latest album, 93696, was released in 2023 and, according to many critics, has finally lived up to the band's ambitions.


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