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Address ul. Jazdów 1, Warszawa
Entry 30 PLN
Length 60 min
Director Aga Błaszczak
Release 2021
Author Aga Błaszczak, Karolina Sadowska

Performing: Karolina Sadowska

A play for an audience of 12+ about a young pilot inspired by the life story of Janina Lewandowska.

The young pilot is suspended in a state between life and death. In a space without time, where reality mixes with imagination. The performance is inspired by the life story of Janina Lewandowska, the only woman murdered in Katyn. She is a fascinating character. A woman who walked her own path, contrary to the roles assigned to women at the time. She is the only female soldier murdered at Katyn alongside the male Polish officers. As the daughter of General Józef Dowbor-Muśnicki, brought up in the rigours of the military, she rebelled, had her passions, was a pilot, a parachutist," emphasises the director.

Karolina Sadowska, who played the role of Janina Lewandowska, believes that her character lived on her own terms in a world she did not quite fit into: She was independent, and that is a unique quality. Acceptance and permission for this individuality was also important. She was a tragic figure. Janina Lewandowska was 32 years old at the time of her death. Her marriage had lasted a month. The monodrama is based on a visual narrative using, among other things, hybrid puppets. The performance uses excerpts from the lyrics of songs by Julian Tuwim and Andrzej Włast.

After the performance there will be a conversation with the performer of the monodrama, moderated by Mateusz Nowak – curator of the cycle.

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