Maria Prymachenko: A Tiger Came into the Garden

Address Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 22, Warszawa
Tags Paintings
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Curator Szymon Maliborski

An exhibition of works by Maria Prymachenko, one of the key figures in 20th century Ukrainian art. The paintings will be on show at the Museum on the Vistula, marking the Warsaw MoMA's final exhibition there before moving to new premises on Plac Defilad.

Prymachenko's work is a surreal bestiary, a world of visual fable where people, animals and plants intermingle. The exhibition A Tiger Came into the Garden features works from 1982–1994 sourced from the private collection of Eduard Dymshyts, a collector and art historian who has been fascinated by the artist's work for many years.

The interest in Prymachenko's work stems not only from the issue of the ongoing war in Ukraine. It is also a telling example of how art institutions are mainstreaming the work of male and female artists previously described as folk or outsiders. An important role in the event will also be played by the programme accompanying the exhibition, carried out jointly with the Solidarity Cultural Centre "Słonecznik". The exhibition space will host debates, talks and seminars that will create a new contemporary context for Maria Prymachenko's art.

The exhibition is created in collaboration with the Creative Legacy of Maria Prymachenko's Family Charitable Foundation.

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