Mariola Wawrzusiak: Infinitum

Address ul. Środkowa 8, Warszawa
Entry Free
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Curator Joanna Kulis

Mariola Wawrzusiak's sculptures are arresting. Created from scrap metal in the process of welding with an electrode, they become a metal tissue that attracts the eye. One recognises familiar animal shapes in them. Wolves, owls, bats and ants look boldly into the eyes of viewers. The animal world arouses our curiosity, they are beautiful, they have their life cycle, their time, we understand this perfectly. This is how we think of animals, but not of ourselves. We have a sense of infinity within us. This is surprising because we function in the same reality. I am referring to our earthly existence. What would people's lives be like if they accepted and believed that they are not eternal? Do we have the capacity within us to see sense in this fact? Moreover, would such an awareness result in lasting changes in our choices? And if so, what specifically would change? Seeking allows us to open up within ourselves, these unknown areas, so it is worth stopping and looking for a moment.

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