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Past concerts

Warszawa, Niebo MØ
Colours of Ostrava 2019 Ostrava, Dolní Vítkovice Colours of Ostrava 2019
MØ + support: Alma Warszawa, Stodoła MØ + support: Alma
Berlin, Astra Kulturhaus MØ
Sziget 2018 Budapešť, Óbudai Island Sziget 2018
Open'er Festival 2018 Gdynia, Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport Open'er Festival 2018


Mø  Brad Pitt  0 5 4:00 16 ×
MØ  Goosebumps  0 5 3:21 9 ×
MØ  Nostalgia  0 5 3:46 264 ×
Mø  Kindness  0 5 3:01 2 ×
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About MØ

MØ, or actually Karen Marie Ørsted is a Danish singer and songwriter. MØ is a walking charisma, which combined with a hit repertoire give the perfect mix. The singer gained worldwide recognition with the hit Lean On, recorded in 2014 together with Diplo and his project Major Lazer. Although the artist describes this time as "the adventure of a lifetime," by the time she finished her Forever Neverland tour in 2019, MØ realized she was burned out professionally. After returning to Denmark, she felt physically and mentally exhausted Her latest material Motordrome. It's a title that not only hints at the themes of the album, but is consistent with the sounds and aesthetic direction MØ has explored. It leans into a darker, dreamy soundscape, with echoes of MØ's punk and grunge roots. The results are some of the most atmospheric and brilliant pop songs MØ has ever written.


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