Múzeum kultúry Maďarov na Slovensku

Múzeum kultúry Maďarov na Slovensku

Address Žižkova 4497/18, Bratislava – Staré Mesto
Website www.snm.sk
E-mail mkms@snm.sk

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Venue description

A specialized museum with a nationwide scope focused on the history and development of the material and spiritual culture of the Hungarian ethnic group in Slovakia is located in the Brämer manor, in the now partially preserved Podhradie in Bratislava. The museum has two extended workplaces. The exhibition in Dolná Strehová presents the life and work of the important Hungarian playwright Imre Madách and the artistic work of artists - János Kass, Mihály Zichy and Zoltán Nagy - inspired by the writer. The exhibition in Sklabinej presents the personality and work of the famous Hungarian writer Kálmán Mikszáth and life in Sklabinská in the 19th century.

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