Pan Niezwykły

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Address ul. Złota 9, Warszawa
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Author Urszula Brzost

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Just one more entry. One video, page. Comment. It's so addictive. Addictive. Here you can be yourself, express your opinion, find friends, show off your life. To boast about it. To create. But wait, wait. Are you sure this is safe? Is the person on the other side the person they claim to be? Won't you be met with heckling, humiliation, aggression? Won't the colourful, perfect world you're looking at rob you of the will to … live?

How not to get lost in this crazy world? Being a misunderstood, vulnerable, susceptible influenced young person, at a time when mental health, so under threat, is still a taboo subject for many? The answer is Mr Unusual - a musical with a soul and a message. A unique experience that explains this incomprehensible, dangerous virtual reality. This is true musical therapy. The show tells the story of Clare's journey as she enters a virtual world full of surprises, imaginative stories, but also dangers and weaknesses. The characters are young people whose adventures are full of twists and turns and surprising reflections. The musical is aimed at children and young people between the ages of 7 and 19, their parents and carers.

The aim is to reach young people in a way that is accessible to them. Music, songs, texts adapted to the audience, actors of the same or close to the same age. The stories told and their message become a kind of signpost, are therapeutic and promote healthy solutions. Musical is a unique project that has been created as a result of cooperation between the MAT Musical Talent Academy and the Mazovian Neuropsychiatry Centre. It is based on the assumptions of the fight against child and adolescent addictions in line with the Mazovian Mental Health Programme.


Warszawa, Palladium Theatre Pan Niezwykły
Warszawa, Palladium Theatre Pan Niezwykły

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