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Petrohradská kolektiv

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Petrohradská kolektiv is an artist-run initiative with its own production and dramaturgy founded in 2015. The cultural center in Prague’s Vršovice works as a platform for contemporary arts and related fields. It’s one of the important Czech projects supporting the contemporary alternative scene. The complex has housed Jedna Dva Tři Gallery with a curated program of exhibitions by emerging and established artists from Czechia and abroad since 2016. Petrohradská kolektiv also organizes regular concerts of what can be considered the most interesting from (mainly) Czech experimental music scene. In general, it provides a platform for a wide range of diverse cultural events. In July 2021, the single-screen repertory Kino Petrohradská cinema was opened in the cultural center, projecting current blockbusters, yet also a curated selection focused on alternative cinematography.

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Jedna Dva Tři Gallery
Kino Petrohradská

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