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Bread&&Butter 2018 Berlin, Arena Berlin Bread&&Butter 2018


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About Polymaze

After having spent a couple of years producing music by herself Polymaze had gained an interest in trying out DJing with hardware, but knew nobody who was a DJ or had access to the equipment. Ever since she has moved to Berlin she has luckily managed to get in touch with people in the club scene and through Linnéa been able to not only finally get access to CDJs but also get in touch with No Shade. Though she is still new to the scene she is hoping to be able to help others get a start through this initiative as well as increase visibility of female and non-binary artists.

As far as playing music goes she tries not to box herself in by genres too much and just play whatever evokes an emotional response inside, though it tends to end up as a mix of rap, rave and club music.

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