Průhonice Park and Castle

Průhonice Park and Castle

Address Zámek 1 , Průhonice

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Průhonice Park, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2010, is one of the crown jewels of the Czech Republic’s national historical parks and an exceptional example of a European landscape park of this style. Covering an area of approximately 212 hectares, the park has a privileged location just 15 kilometres southeast of Prague, making it easily accessible and a perfect destination for either a sunny afternoon or a long weekend. This rich combination of natural, cultural, and scenic values, together with a host of exceptional scientific and recreational opportunities, makes Průhonice Park an inspiring example of Earth’s most important heritage.

The site also features the best-preserved historical elements and designed landscapes, such as the castle complex, including an old church dating from 1187; bridges and dams; 28 kilometers of beautiful, well-developed, and easily walked trails; and a unique three hectare alpine garden Other main attraction include the rhododendrons with about 8,000 plants belonging to 160 species and many more cultivars, attracting visitors every year during their blooming between April and May The Chotobuz Botanical Garden, a visitor center, and a cafeteria can also be found there.


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