Roselyne + Pod kůží Roselyne (workshop)

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Address Husitská 24a, Praha 3
Theatre company ProFitArt
Entry CZK 350
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Director Cécile Da Costa
Release 29. 10. 2019
Author Cécile Da Costa
Takes place during Noc divadel 2024

Performing: Cécile Da Costa

The play Roselyne and the workshop Pod kůží Roselyne will take place on the March 3, 2024.

I feel guilty. I don't remember why. Maybe I did something wrong or something not good enough or something I should have done and I did not do. Maybe the guilt was here before me. The worst is not to feel guilty, the worst is to try to remember why.

Dance/theater solo with English spoken text about a woman searching for her place.

Roselyne is searching for her place. She wishes to be invisible. She does not want to disturb. She doubts. She always hides behind something. She found a plant. Roselyne could be a reflection of our doubts, the decisions we did not take, the possibilities we did not enjoy. She is perfectly imperfect, like the rest of us.

Roselyne – workshop
The aim of this workshop is to allow participants to explore the character of Roselyne – her contradictions, fragility and strength.

Who is the woman hiding behind the plant? What is it like to use a plant as a mask? Most people are hiding behind something. What would your mask be?

Roselyne has a specific way of walking, sitting on the sofa or hiding under it. Her speech reflects her inner tensions and desires. By sharing the physical and vocal material that belongs to her, participants will have the opportunity to find their own Roselyne.

The workshop will be divided into two parts. The first part will focus on awakening the body and senses. The second part will be focused on the study of the character's specific body language and its adaptation to the personality and fantasy of each person.

Participants can bring their "mask", i.e. an object behind which they could hide their face (eg: plant, book, camera, etc.).

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