Royal Blood

Address Ledařská, Praha
Doors 17:00
Organized by
Tags Rock, Alternative/Indie, Blues Rock, Hard Rock
Entry CZK 1190
Venue's website
Takes place during Prague Open Air 2024

After more than thirteen years of activity, Royal Blood will finally come to the Czech Republic to play their first solo concert.

Hailing from Worthing, UK, the band was formed in 2011 and almost from the start was based on the long-standing friendship of musicians Mike Kerr (vocals, bass) and Ben Thatcher (drums). Following the release of their debut album, the previously unknown project shot to the top of the UK charts almost overnight, playing on stages at festivals such as Glastonbury and Rock Werchter, and ultimately earning a nomination for the prestigious Mercury Prize and the Brit Awards for Best British Band of 2015.

Their sound has been compared to bands such as The White Stripes, The Black Keys and Muse, with whom they toured with on the Royal Blood tour last year. The combination of bass and drums is originally underlined by Kerr's typical style, where his bass guitar sounds like an electric guitar thanks to effects. Although only a duo, live this now iconic band can put on a thrilling and energetic show.

Performing artists

United Kingdom
Rock, Alternative/Indie, Blues Rock, Hard Rock


Royal Blood  Shiner in the Dark  0 5 3:35 0 ×
Royal Blood  Boilermaker  0 5 3:32 0 ×
Royal Blood  Out of the Black  0 5 4:19 73 ×
Royal Blood  Figure it Out  0 5 3:18 14 ×

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