Rozparovač v pivovaru

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Address Nár. hrdinů 3, Praha-Dolní Počernice
Tags Alternative, Courses, Detektivka, Interaktivní, Imerzivní divadlo
Entry CZK 2099
Director Stanislava Jachnická
Release 9. 12. 2019
Author Stanislava Jachnická

Performing: Otto Rošetzký, Jan Szymik, Barbora Dipold Koláčková, Miriam Chytilová / Lucie Domesová, Petr Halíček / Petr Klimeš

It was supposed to be just a play… But the blood is real.

Gourmet theatre evening with a detective plot.

A theatre company is rehearsing a Jack the Ripper play in a brewery setting. Opening night is approaching, just three days away, but nothing is going as it should. Unexpectedly, love affairs or carefully hidden secrets of the actors are revealed, culminating in the murder of a member of the ensemble. Is there a new Jack the Ripper hiding in the dark cellars of the brewery?

Interactive theatre performance The Ripper in the Brewery with a four-course Old Bohemian menu and unlimited consumption of local beer. Together with well-known actors, visitors will become part of a thrilling plot which does not lack humour.

Capacity: 30 persons
The show is suitable for ages 18 and up.


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