Sometimes I Think About Dying

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Address ul. Żurawia 20, Warszawa
Origin USA
Movie genre Drama, Comedy, Romantic, New movies
Entry 25 PLN
Venue's website
Length 94 min
Director Rachel Lambert
Links IMDB
Release 2023
Ranking 65 %

Performing: Daisy Ridley, Dave Merheje, Parvesh Cheena

Fran lives alone, shies away from people even though she is somewhat condemned to them at work, and any deeper relationships fill her with genuine trepidation. Her painfully ordered life is filled with monotony, and every day looks the same. Breakfast, a few hours spent in the office in front of a monitor, coming home, dinner and sleep. So much so that no one really knows what Fran has been thinking about all this time. Her way of overcoming the daily boredom is fantasising about the circumstances in which she might die. These range from a simple car accident to more imaginative yet violent events, such as being strangled by a snake. The protagonist is jolted out of her macabre musings by a new work colleague, Robert (Dave Merheje), who, to her surprise, not only takes an interest in Fran, but eventually decides to invite her to the movies.


Warszawa, Kino Amondo Sometimes I Think About Dying

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