System Crasher

Origin Germany
Original name Systemsprenger
Movie genre Drama
Length 118 min
Director Nora Fingscheidt
Links IMDB
Release 2019
Ranking 79 %

Performing: Helena Zengel, Albrecht Schuch, Lisa Hagmeister, Gabriela Maria Schmeide, Melanie Straub, Victoria Trauttmansdorff, Maryam Zaree, Tedros Teclebrhan, Matthias Brenner, Barbara Philipp, Fine Belger, Imke Büchel, Roland Bonjour, Asad Schwarz, Jana Julia Roth, Gisa Flake, Axel Werner, Bärbel Schwarz, Till Butterbach, Julia Becker, Peter Schneider, Hadi Khanjanpour

Likely to be one of the more divisive films at this year’s Berlinale, System Crasher depends very much upon whether you believe, when dealing with children saddled with severe traumas and possible neurological issues, that one-on-one attention is more effective than medication in providing a stable platform for recovery. For those skeptical of prescription-based solutions, charmed when tortured kids briefly settle down and experience the thrill of freedom, Nora Fingscheidt’s scripted debut may be an affirmative experience.


Warszawa, Kino Amondo System Crasher
Warszawa, Kino Amondo System Crasher

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