The Chemistry of Love

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Address Malostranské náměstí 21, Praha 1 – Malá Strana
Entry CZK 220–250
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Takes place during Prague Fringe 2024

Performing: Michael Londesborough

All you need is love? Well, here's the thermodynamics and biochemistry behind it. With some sexy Shakespeare as a bonus. Hot flushes, bounding heart, sweaty hands - signs that you might be falling in love? Or, just got “the hots”? But what is actually going on with us when this happens? What are the reasons, the causes, the purpose? And who can explain?

Should love be only the domain of poets, musicians and writers? Certainly not.

This time it will be dealt with by Dr. Michael Londesborough MBE, research chemist and popularizer of science. On his journey into the heart of love, he will use not only the sonnets of William Shakespeare and the various forms of love depicted in them, but also the laws of thermodynamics and modern biochemistry to explain what on Earth is going on.

The result is a captivating performance that will reveal to the viewers what they still don't know about love and, maybe, even about themselves.

Performed in English.

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