The Palace

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Address Bělohorská 125/24, Praha 6 – Břevnov
Origin Italy, France, Poland, Switzerland
Movie genre Drama, Comedy, New movies
Entry CZK 80
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Length 100 min
Director Roman Polański
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Release 2023
Ranking 57 %

Performing: Oliver Masucci, Fanny Ardant, Mickey Rourke, John Cleese, Joaquim de Almeida, Fortunato Cerlino, Luca Barbareschi, Teco Celio, Milan Peschel, Olga Kent, Bronwyn James, Matthew T. Reynolds, Naike Anna Silipo, Danylo Kotov, Irina Kastrinidis

Once upon a time he was, and still is… Hotel Palace. This extraordinary castle in the middle of a snowy valley has a gothic and fairy-tale atmosphere, and it is a meeting place for rich and pampered guests from all over the world. This year, they were all brought together by a unique event: the New Year's Eve party of 2000.

Their extravagant demands are met by a bevy of waiters, bellhops, cooks and receptionists. As the dawn of the new millennium approaches, Hansueli, the dedicated 50-year-old manager of the luxury hotel, oversees the staff with almost military precision before the guests arrive at the party, assuring them that it won't be the end of the world. But Y2K is in the air and there are fears and hopes that at the stroke of midnight the accounts of the big financiers may be unexpectedly disrupted by the collapse of the world's computer systems. In reality, however, they are in for a battle fought with the extravagance and eccentricity of hotel guests.

Dogs and penguins with human needs and humans with animal desires. Their stories give life to an absurd and provocative comedy. It is the end of 1999: not just the end of a century, but the end of a whole controversial millennium.

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