The Project of the Century

Address ul. Żurawia 20, Warszawa
Origin Cuba
Original name La obra del siglo
Movie genre Drama, Historical
Entry 25–50 PLN
Venue's website
Length 100 min
Director Carlos M. Quintela
Links IMDB
Release 2015
Takes place during Lato z Kinem Iberoameryki
Ranking 61 %

Performing: Mario Balmaseda, Mario Guerra, Leonardo Gascón

Another modern face of Cuba's melancholy of ruins – Juragua, a dilapidated town built from scratch in the 1980s next to Cuba's first nuclear power plant, unfinished due to the collapse of the USSR.

Three generations of Cubans are stuck in a small worker's apartment. Taking care of a goldfish, old man Otto, unemployed engineer with no prospects Rafael and the youngest, abandoned by his girlfriend Leo – grandfather, father and son – are forced to live together. Stifled by frustration and hopelessness, constantly confronted with the past, they search for a point of connection. Their reminiscences are illustrated with excerpts from old Cuban television reports, in which the propaganda enthusiasm gives the nuclear project an almost erotic aura. Above all, the collapse of the project violates the essence of the protagonists' masculinity. Carlos M. Quintela creates an existential metaphor – Cuba has been in a stalemate for years, and his compatriots seem to be able to survive with absurd humor mixed with nostalgia for the past.

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