Theatre Rokoko

Theatre Rokoko

Address Václavské náměstí 38, Praha 1

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Prague City Theatres are one of Prague’s most significant cultural institutions with a rich history dating back to 1950. Beginning in 2018, with a new management headed by Daniel Přibyl as managing director and Michal Dočekal as artistic chief, Prague City Theatres are comprised of three main venues: Rokoko, ABC, and Komedie Theatre. In addition to those venues, activities and productions in the open air or in various non-theatrical buildings are planned. The aim is to transform Prague City Theatres into a theatre institution with international connections, one that will tackle deep issues of the modern day and play an active role in the development of Czech and European theatre and society.

The Rokoko theatre is a smaller venue right off Wenceslas Square. Originally a cabaret that first started operation in 1916, it is fairly intimate space with a very direct contact between the stage and the auditorium (seating 200 spectators). Nowadays Rokoko is a space for the ensemble’s more intimate productions of the works of contemporary playwrights – it is intended to go back to the roots and harbour extravagant cabaret-style productions.


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