Together 99

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Address Jeruzalémská 1321/2, Praha 1
Origin Sweden, Denmark
Original name Tillsammans 99
Movie genre Drama, Comedy
Entry CZK 100–140
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Length 115 min
Director Lukas Moodysson
Language English friendly
Links IMDB
Release 2023
Ranking 57 %

Performing: David Dencik, Julia Heveus, Jonas Karlsson, Henrik Lundström, Gustaf Hammarsten, Shanti Roney, Sten Ljunggren, Olle Sarri, Anja Lundqvist, Lisa Lindgren, Clara Christiansson Drake, Cecilia Frode, Jessica Liedberg

In 1975, a group of idealists lived in a community called Together. Now in 1999, “Together” is in a new house and has become the world’s smallest commune consisting of only two people - Göran and Klasse. Feeling a bit lonely, Klasse decides to surprise Göran with a reunion on his birthday. Beloved Swedish filmmaker, Lukas Moodysson, assembles some familiar faces and others who feel completely foreign in this dark comedy, only to discover how much has changed over the years and begin to realize not everything in life goes quite as planned. Acerbic and warm-hearted in equal measure, Lukas Moodysson invites viewers back to the fictional Stockholm commune he introduced in Together (’00), a film that helped establish the director’s keen take on human frailty.

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