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Eastern Promises is the curatorial cycle of film publicist Kamila Dolotina. Its goal is not only to reveal emerging talents, but above all to establish a dialogue between the latest Eastern European filmography, the unquestionable classics and contemporary culture. The cycle follows the eponymous popular section presented at the Summer Film School in Uherské Hradiště.

A Sensitive Person / Tomáš Klein / Czechia, Slovakia 2023 / 120 min. – "Growing old isn't for sissies", states one of the characters from Jáchym Topol's acclaimed novel, which, according to one reviewer, is "a comical and brutal report from the flipside of life" and now appears loosely adapted into a film by Tomás Klein, one of the most talented Czech directors. This darkly grotesque drama sets off down more than one path. There's the real path - at times grim, at times crazy - via which Dad Mour, an itinerant actor, his wife Mum and their two sons try to return home; and then there's the imaginary one - more meandering and dusty - along which stirring intellectual youthfulness (or immaturity, as pessimists would have it) feuds with circumstances that force the protagonist to acquire wisdom. A restless and zesty cinematic feerie about love, fear of loneliness, and sons gazing intently at their father.

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