Celetna Theatre

Celetna Theatre

Adres Celetná 17, Praha 1
Strona internetowa www.divadlovceletne.cz

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V Celetne Theatre is an independent theatre scene located in the historical heart of Prague - between The Prasna Tower and The Old Town Square - at The Manhardtsky House in Celetna Street. Space came through complete reconstruction - there is a chamber hall with 184 seats and Café Gaspar Kasper. The theatre has a barrier free access. Last adjustments have prepared unique gallery that serves visitors during the day and in the evening after performances. Many dramatical ensembles participate at the repertoire - you can find there internal ensembles Vesele Skoky, Masopust, The Theatre, CD 2002 and other guests - Petr Bezruc Theatre, Drama Studio Usti, Zapadoceske Theatre Cheb and others.

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Klubovna Divadla v Celetné


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