Art Is Here: Modern Art

Adresa Husova 18, Brno
Vstupné Zdarma
Kurátor Ondřej Chrobák, Petr Ingerle, Jana Písaříková

The most comprehensive exhibition from the collection of Czech art of the 20th century is to be found on the third floor of the Prazak Palace. Its title, The Fire of Prometheus was inspired by one of crucial works of modern Czech art owned by the gallery, Prometheus by Antonin Prochazka. The Moravian Gallery collection amply documents the period in which the founding generation of Czech modernism worked, and the inter-war avant-garde.

The most important sections at the exhibition are those featuring the work of painters Antonin Prochazka and Frantisek Foltyn and sculptor Vincenc Makovsky. Avant-garde groups such as Osma [The Eight], Tvrdosijni [The Obstinate] and The Group of Visual Artists are represented by selected works of Bohumil Kubista, Emil Filla, Antonin Prochazka, Josef Capek, Vaclav Spala, Otto Gutfreund and others.

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