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O Billy Lockett

Billy Lockett was in his early 20s when he started producing songs in his bedroom studio, which he then put online. It was not until this time that he made his soulful music, reminiscent of both Bon Iver and Radiohead's spun arrangements. After these first songs, he decided to move to London to pursue his dream of becoming a professional musician.

He created more songs, often carried by his soulful piano playing and his distinctive voice, but mostly enriched by numerous layers of additional instruments and sound snippets. A tragic change in his life changed everything: In 2014, when his father, the renowned painter and visual artist John Luce Lockett, died, he put his own art to the test.

For two years, Billy Lockett went into a kind of inner retreat and checked his art for its sincerity. Any sound that did not correspond to his deepest feelings was erased, revealing only the purest authenticity. "My music is not for parties, it is intended for intimate moments of inner analyzation, such as long night driving."

The first EP in this new sound, Burn It Down, has become a much-acclaimed piece of music on all music services and has been streamed millions of times. In support shows for Lana Del Rey, Birdy, Leon Bridges and other artists, the young composer proved that his songs are very different when performed live. "I really like the idea that an artist sounds quite different live than in the studio," he says. "Only then does a song become a real work of art for me."


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