Diamant Gallery – S.V.U. Manes

Diamant Gallery – S.V.U. Manes – Miesto uzavrené

Adresa Spálená 4, Praha 1
Webová stránka www.svumanes.cz
Telefón +420 224 930 324

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The main aim of the exhibition hall Diamant is to present fine art according to the tradition of Manes in the quality and diversity of opinions, generations and disciplines. Its purpose is not to give space only to members of the Association or their guests, but gradually to seek a wider linkages and connections within the thematic projects, historical retrospectives, international events and charity projects for the benefit of residents and visitors as to popularize the idea of ​​closer and artistic value to the general public. Right next to the classical disciplines such as painting and sculpture, the gallery focuses in its exhibition program on drawing and graphics, architecture, design, applied arts, stage design, photography and experimental field of the young art scene.


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