Adresa Dittrichova 9, Praha 2
Webová stránka www.display.cz
Telefón +420 222 516 982

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Display – Association for Research and Collective Practice and a platform active in the broader field of contemporary art currently resides in Dittrichova 9. They are interested in how artistic research and research close to it can contribute to the understanding of the complexities of the world, the actions of the participants in it and their interactions. They see themselves as researchers and organizers, and their desire is to look for alternatives to social coexistence and collaboration. Faced with global processes and unexpected social shifts that visibly or secretly change the conditions of human lives on the ground and their interrelationships, they consider necessary to start looking for new forms of activity and communication.

Until April 2018, the place was known as Tranzitdisplay. However, after eleven years of cooperation of tranzit.cz and display, a collective practice association, the joint project came to its close, and transit and display continue to function separately. Tranzitdisplay (Dittrichova 9, Prague 2) moved under Display, the Association for Research and Collective Practice.

The Display Gallery was opened in 2001. It was one of the first independent galleries and brought to the Prague art scene an interest in international art events and their social contexts. The tranzit.cz association was created in 2002 with the aim of creating an institutional organisation by means of which contemporary culture could replace the stereotypical model of identities, aesthetics, economic forms and histories. In 2007, the associations merged to create a new type of institution – tranzitdisplay. This focused on the social and political implications of art practice. Tranzitdisplay organised dozens of exhibitions of the work of hugely important international artists and experimental curatorial projects. These were accompanied by a programme of lectures, discussions and symposia.

There were also activities organised outside the gallery, international research projects, and the imposing Monument to Transformation, which tracked social changes in the post-communist space.


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