Samurai Museum Berlin

Samurai Museum Berlin

Adresa Auguststr. 68, Berlin
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The Saurai Art Museum in Berlin Zehlendorf presents the visitors extraordinary treasures of Samurai art of the 8th to 19th century. Among them are armors, helmets, masks, swords and many other exhibits of Japanese art from this time.

The Samurai, the legendary and influential warriors from Japan, seem mysterious and fascinating in the same time for Western spectators. There are many myths and legends about these Japanese knights. But who were the Samurai? And how did their life look?

Until nowadays there’s only a few collections about the art and culture of the Samurai in Europe that are open to the public. With the Janssen collection, the Samurai Art Museum aims to give insights into the cultural life of the old Japan and give a wider audience access to these impressive works of Japanese art.

A special focus lies of the fact that the objects such as swords of armors cannot be just reduced to their function but are artworks that were created with a unique precision.

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