Alfred ve dvoře

Alfred ve dvoře

Адреса Františka Křížka 36, Praha 7
Телефон +420 233 376 985
Пов'язано з Art District 7

Список театральних вистав

Нам невідомо про якісь події в цьому місці.

Опис місця

Alfred ve dvoře (Alfred in the Courtyard), the stage for new theatre, presents progressive performance works and unique creation-based projects. The focus is on contemporary directions in live art, especially on physical theatre, visual performance and experimental works.

Alfred ve dvoře operates as a space open to different artists' and companies' various projects, mostly artists who do not respect boundaries between traditional artistic disciplines in their work. Artists working at Alfred ve dvoře are not members of a permanent company in residence as in other Czech theatres, their work is project-based. The theatre systematically supports the development of new creation-based performance and risky experiments, participates in the realisation of creators' first works, provides rehearsal space, and supports the production and administration of co-production projects.


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