Kantine am Berghain

Kantine am Berghain

Адреса Am Wriezener Bahnhof, Berlin
Веб-сайт www.berghain.berlin
Телефон +49 30 29351810
Пов'язано з Berghain / Panorama Bar

Майбутні події

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Опис місця

The former canteen of the power station at Berlin-Friedrichshain, at which the legendary club Berghain is situated, is nowadays used for concerts, parties and other events.

The concert venue is located at the „Bierhof Rüdersdorf“, a cozy beer garden opened during the summer months.

During the interior design and renovation process the rustic 60s charm of the place has been protected and so sometimes it seems like time stands still inside. There is a main floor for around 200 people as well as a small lounge in old english style and an open fireplace at the outdoor area.

The musical spectra reaches from avantgarde rock to experimental electronic, from disco to house and pop and from indie rock to black metal.

Подібні місця

Berghain / Panorama Bar - © MIKE WOLFF
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