Lapidary of the National museum

Lapidary of the National museum

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Актуальні виставки галереї

The monuments of stone carving in Bohemia from the 11th to 19th Century
Скульптурні виставки, Постійна вистава

Опис місця

Lapidary is called the place or institution where stone statues, stone tombs, or even parts of buildings are collected or exposed. The most common reason for the foundation of the lapidary was the reconstruction of historical monuments. Old original parts of the monument were replaced with copies and stored in the lapidary.

In present the collection of the National museum lapidary counts about two thousand collection items, of which over four hundred best pieces are exposed, while others are kept in depositories. Generally speaking, each building or monument that has been restored has its original parts in National museum lapidary collections.


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