Pinkas Synagogue

Pinkas Synagogue

Адреса Široká 3, Praha 1
Пов'язано з Jewish Museum

Актуальні музейні виставки

Memorial to the Victims of the Shoah from Bohemian Lands
Історичні вистави, Постійна вистава
Children`s Drawings from Terezin
Картини, Постійна вистава

Опис місця

The present building is the work of the Horowitz family. In 1535 Aaron Meshullam Horowitz had it built beween his house "U Erbů" and the site of the Old Jewish Cemetery. After the Second World War, the synagogue was turned into a Memorial to the Jews of Bohemia and Moravia murdered by the Nazis. On its walls are inscribed the names of the Jewish victims, their personal data, and the names of the communities to which they belonged. In 1968, however, the Memorial had to be closed because ground water had penetrated the building´s foundations, thus endangering the structure. During work on the underground waterproofing of the building, a discovery was made of vaulted spaces with an ancient well and ritual bath. The Communist regime deliberately held up renovation work and the inscriptions were removed. Not until 1990 was it possible to complete the building alterations. Finally, in 1992-1994, the 80,000 names of the Jewish victims of Bohemia and Moravia were rewritten on its walls.


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