The Komedie Theatre

The Komedie Theatre

Адреса Jungmannova 1, Praha 1 – Nové Město
Телефон +420 228 224 613
Пов'язано з Prague City Theatres

Список театральних вистав

Theatre is being prepared for the new season.

Опис місця

Prague City Theatres are one of Prague’s most significant cultural institutions with a rich history dating back to 1950. Beginning in 2018, with a new management headed by Daniel Přibyl as managing director and Michal Dočekal as artistic chief, Prague City Theatres are comprised of three main venues: Rokoko, ABC, and Komedie Theatre. In addition to those venues, activities and productions in the open air or in various non-theatrical buildings are planned. The aim is to transform Prague City Theatres into a theatre institution with international connections, one that will tackle deep issues of the modern day and play an active role in the development of Czech and European theatre and society.

The Komedie theatre is situated in a landmark funcionalistic building from 1930. In 2018, it is not intended primarily to serve the needs of the Theatres’ resident ensemble, but rather to become an open space for independent companies, co-productions, visiting performances by regional and international playhouses, special events and festivals.


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